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We continuously develop asynchronous online courses for learning various programming languages, and other related topics. We are part of life michael, a separated business unit in Zindell Technologies, Ltd.

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Haim Michael

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My name is Haim Michael. I develop computer programs ever since I was 8 years old. It all started with the Sinclair ZX-81, continued with Apple IIe, and the computer programming courses I took in the Weizmann Institute of Science. It was there, where the seeds were planted. I moved forward with Pascal, Prolog, and Lisp, and wrote code for Fun. In 1998, when completing my MBA (Cum Laude in Information Systems Management, TEL-Aviv University) I took a decision to shift back to my hobby (Computer Programming). I chose to stop teaching microeconomic courses at the Open University and to dedicate my time to learning programming. I chose to focus on Java, with which I was already familiar (following a course I took in 1995). Things moved forward very fast (thanks to the .com bubble) and opportunities emerged. I started delivering Java courses for programmers in various High-Tech companies, various academic institutions, and in the army (Mamram, Basmach). During the years I delivered hundreds of programming courses, both in Israel and abroad. During the years 2001 - 2007 I focused on the development of J2ME applications and games for mobile telephones. We developed more than 200 games and applications and worked with more than 300 companies from all over the world. In 2008 I chose to focus on what I love most. Following COVID-19, I chose to put more resources on developing online asynchronous courses. The next step was developing this website. We are part of life michael that belongs to Zindell Technologies, Ltd.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Haim is one of the best lecturers I ever met, he has a passion to learn as well as to teach, and he passes his passion and skills to his students.
The lectures were clear, interesting, and useful. Haim is very pleasant, answered patiently all questions, and made sure all students get the most out of the course.
I attended Haim's lecture in Avaya R&D (Pune, India). He explained the basics and the technical aspects of Android really well. He has the quality of keeping the lectures interesting.
In a limited number of hours Haim succeeded to give so much useful information which guided me while doing my first steps in web applications development.