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The Python programming language is one of the most popular programming languages these days. The use of Python is especially popular in automation, machine learning, and cyber. The popularity of Python is mainly thanks to its friendly learning curve. 

This course covers most of the fundamental topics, and it sets the foundation for self continuous learning. If you find a basic topic this course doesn’t cover we will be more than happy to get your feedback, so we could explore the possibilities to update our course accordingly. When learning using this course, if you encounter an unclear explanation please don’t hesitate and let us know. We will do our best to add an additional video clip in order to provide the missing explanation. 

  • Learn how to write simple programming in Python, and how to use the control flow statements Python supports. 
  • Learn how to define classes, and how to use them effectively. 
  • Learn how to use the various collection types Python supports, including set, tuple, list and dict. 
  • Learn how to write code that writes data to files, and how to write code that reads those files. 
  • Learn how to handle exceptions that happen during runtime.

Acquiring a solid fundamental understanding of the Python programming language will allow you to continue your studies and professionally evolve to the highest level possible. Learning a programming language doesn’t end in taking a course, and it lasts for years together with the process of acquiring practical experience. 

You can find more info about the advanced courses and seminars we deliver in Python at

Students that take this specific course can enjoy (for free) professional support through the private group on Facebook, that was created specifically for this course. You can find this group at In order to join this group please email us at

We strongly recommend taking the Tips for Learning Programming course on Udemy before taking this one. 


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